QPST Tool v2.7.473

Qualcomm Product Support Tool (QPST) is a small tool that allows you to flash XML Stock Firmware on your Qualcomm based Smartphones and Tablets.

On this page, we have shared the direct link to download the official QPST Flash Tool v2.7.473.

QPST Flash Tool v2.7.473

QPST Flash Tool Features

Software Download:

It allows you flash Stock Firmware on devices powered by Qualcomm chipset. Some of the supported firmware includes Qualcomm Phone Images, Qualcomm Hex Images (.hex), Qualcomm Hex Bundles (.hxb), Qualcomm Progressive Boot (.pbn), Microsoft WinCE bin files (.bin), Qualcomm binary files (.mbn) and other Qualcomm Stock Firmware Images including XML firmware.


It allows you to flash or restore Qualcomm Calibration Network (QCN) file so you can simply fix network issues or invalid or null IMEI on your Qualcomm Device.


It allows you to take a backup of any Qualcomm based Device QCN file so you can restore them to other same models to fix network-related issues.


It allows you to flash Qualcomm Stock Firmware with multiple image type to any Qualcomm based Smartphone or tablet.


It allows you to flash partition files and CESF files on any Qualcomm based Device depending on which function you select, either to Restore Modem CEFS, Restore Application CEFS, Backup Legacy CEFS, Backup Alternative CEFS or Write raw (spare+data) App EFS image.

User Partition:

It allows you to flash specific partitions available in the partition table of the Stock Firmware of the Qualcomm based Device.

Factory Images:

It allows you to flash Qualcomm factory images (firmware) to any Qualcomm Smartphone or Tablet.

Addition: QPST tool comes with inbuilt Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) Tool which is also another flash tool used in flashing Qualcomm firmware on Qualcomm based Smartphones and Tablets.

Download QPST Flash Tool v2.7.473

File Name: QPST_2.7.473.zip
Alternative Name: QPST Flash Tool v2.7.473
File Size: 36.4 MB
Compatibility: Windows Computer
How to Use: Follow Instruction


How to Use QPST Flash Tool: Learn how to use QPST Flash Tool to flash or install Stock Firmware on Qualcomm based Smartphones and Tablets by heading over to the How to use QPST Flash Tool page.

Download the Latest Version: If you are looking for the latest version of QPST Flash Tool, kindly head over to our Download Section

Download USB Driver: If you want to download the USB Driver compatible with QPST Flash Tool, kindly head over to our Download Qualcomm Driver page.

Important Notes:

[*] Take a backup: Please, take a backup of your personal data before flashing or installing any firmware using QPST Flash Tool because all of the data in your device gets wiped after flashing.

[*] Hot-Linking Not Allowed: If you want to share this QPST Flash Tool on any Website, Forum or Blog, kindly share the page URL instead, cause sharing the Direct Download Link will redirect to the homepage of our website.

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